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We love Chilies! They are our absolute passion

Our idea for CheekyChili.com came from a long-standing love and fascination with the mysterious red and green peppers. So much so that they now play a major part in our lives. We grow them, we eat them and we love recipes that contain them.

Cheeky Chili is a place where you can come to find out everything to do with the chili. We will be constantly updating this site with chili facts, recipes and merchandise as well as our own ideas and inventions.

Whether you are a chili novice or even a season hardened chili admirer, Cheeky Chili will bring you an array of ideas and information that you will love and we hope make you as passionate about the chili pepper as we are.

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To get things started, we have created a free e-book for you to download and digest called Chili: The Life & Times. This gives you an insight into the history of the pepper, explains in detail the workings of the Scoville Scale (yes, the chili has its own scale of measurement!) as well as a few weird and wonderful facts that you may struggle to believe. In addition, we have included some of our favorite recipes that just wouldn’t be the same without the addition of this sublime vegetable (and we bet most of you thought it was a fruit?).

Of course, this site won’t just be about the actual pepper itself. Cheeky Chili will bring you all the latest information on powders, sauces, marinades as well as some useful tips on how to grow your own.

Steaming Chili Pepper on ForkThere are so many different varieties of the chili pepper, each with its own individual taste and smell (as well as heat!). Some varieties for example, such as the Kashmiri Chili (from the Kashmir region of India/Pakistan) have almost no heat, but give a sweet taste combined with an appealing fragrant smell. This variety is used in more subtle dishes and given its deep red color are often used to create vibrant-looking dishes — such as mild Asian curries.

On the opposite side of the scale lives the Scotch Bonnet,   part of the Habanerno family. This chili has a Scoville reading of between 100,000 and 350,000 units, which – put into perspective with the jalapeno (typical Scoville reading of 25,000 to 60,000) is one mean beast! It is typically found in the Caribbean and used to make a mean jerk seasoning among many other things.

But it can get a whole lot more heated than that! Take a look at our page on The Scoville Scale and learn about some of the hottest chilis in the world.

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