About Us

Cheeky Chili is a concept designed by Jon Shawcross, brought about by his love of the fiery pepper. Along with his (not so) long suffering wife Samantha who acts as chief taster to Jon’s often wild concoctions, we can safely say that we are true chili heads.

Chili sauce in EgyptRarely a day goes by in the Cheeky Chili household without the inclusion of chili in our diet. This love and fascination of all things chili, along with Jon’s desire to build a website bore an idea to combine the two passions.

It is our desire and intention to bring to you a world leading authoritiy on chili, combined with an array of products, recipes and ideas. Throw in a bit of Jon’s dry humour on the side and I hope your ride will be an enjoyable oneJon and Sam - Cheeky Chili

If you have any questions or ideas, either about the site or chili related, — or if you want to share something with us, please contact us here

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